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blood battery series

My Blood Battery series is an exploration of socially and culturally constructed identities.  Each sculpture is a functioning battery made with copper and zinc electrodes, blood, and simple electronic components (such as an LED).

In many cultures ‘blood’ represents familial or cultural connection; it is a synonym for belonging.  As a mixed race woman, I am often confronted with questions about my racial authenticity.  And the purity (or lack thereof) of my blood is used as a metaphor for why I should be included or excluded from certain spaces.

In my blood battery series, I was curious if electronic systems could take on the identities contained within the blood that was giving them ‘life.’  Should we feel kinship with a blood-powered LED?  Does that change if the blood is from a relative, or someone of the same racial ‘group’?

While looking at my batteries, consider your assumptions about blood ties, and if there is anything meaningful or productive in claiming identities based on blood.

Who will feed us when you’re gone? (2017)

Family Portrait (2017)

Solitary Figure (2017)

짬뽕 / The Leftovers (2017)

||| (2018)

Armahpaiuhaetg. (2018)

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