Blood and teeth

2017 - 2018

Blood batteries (2017 - 2018)

The Blood Battery series is an exploration of socially and culturally constructed identities. Each sculpture is a functioning battery made with copper and zinc or aluminum electrodes and blood.

In many cultures, ‘blood’ represents familial or cultural connections; it is a synonym for belonging. In this series, I ask if electronic systems could take on the identities contained within the blood that was giving them ‘life.’ Should we feel kinship with a blood-powered LED?

My batteries ask viewers to consider their assumptions about blood ties, and what it means to claim identities based on blood.

The most full I’ve ever been (2018)

Food nourishes and creates a cultural-biological system within our bodies. The enzymes and bacteria we develop in response to the foods we eat are representative of our individual food histories, which are deeply influenced by our family and cultural background.

Teeth, like fingerprints, can be used to identify us as individuals. They also hold traces of our personal histories, our childhood environment and traumas and the foods we consume as adults. The series uses teeth and food as a motif to explore my relationship to my culture.
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