colonizers colonizing colonists
1m 18s

Timelapse of mushrooms growing from plant thief and colonist Robert Fortune’s eyes. The pings are sounds from the Mars Rover, representing the new frontier of colonialism.

they were shipped in wood and glass cases
17s (infinite loop)

Timelapse of the monstera cutting from Office Plants I rooting and growing a new leaf. Below the cutting is a collage of Wardian cases and monsteras from Matisse’s studio. The Wardian case was used by European colonists to transport plants around the world for commercial use.
This is the best one
1m 05s

Collection of videos where Jeff Bezos repeats the same joke regarding space colonization. “We have sent robotic probes to every planet in our solar system. And believe me, this is the best one.”
Palm Tree
1m 34s